Chicago - Summer 2015

Last Christmas our 'family gift' to each other was a trip credit to somewhere in the US.  We landed on Chicago, for no particular reason other than neither of us had been there and it looked like a fun city!  As the trip approached and we were trying to decide how and where to spend our time, we became overwhelmed with so many fun things we could do and so many delicious restaurants we could eat at!  We did our best to plan a fun but also relaxing trip with the four of us in mind.  Chicago did not disappoint, we loved our time there and cannot wait to go back and experience more of the city.    

Some highlights included "The Bean", A Cubs game at Wrigley Field, the Shake Shack kitty corner from our hotel, our boat tour that went down the Chicago River and out on Lake Michigan while the sun set, dropping in to one of Chicago's best camera shops, Donut Vault, walking up and down Michigan Avenue, and the Aquarium.

Theo has his own list of highlights which include; the huge spider web we saw on the steps of the boat tour, seeing all the lights of the buildings at night, his sprite and gum at the baseball game, the hamburger(s) at Shake Shack, looking out the window of our hotel room to see taxis down below on the road and the big fans on the rooftops acrosss the way, throwing pennies in lake, and exploring new parks!  

Photo note: All images are film. Shot on Kodak Portra 400, one turned to b&w in post.

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